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Oral Medicine is the branch of dentistry, which fosters a scientific understanding between the fields of dentistry and medicine. Not only does it concentrates on diagnosis of oral diseases and their treatment, but also has opened new avenues for research. The Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology started functioning as an independent Department of Government Dental College, Thiruvananthapuram in 1973. The Department became fully fledged by the year 1992 with the sanctioning of the Post Graduate course.

The Department is the sentinel Department of Dental College, Trivandrum, where the entire patient population attending the Dental College is initially screened, diagnosed and referred for specialist care. On an average, 200-250 patients are screened daily in the Oral medicine OP so the department is in a unique position with respect to early detection of cancers, precancers and and management in increasing oral health awareness among the public. In addition to oral cancers and precancers, numerous other oral mucosal lesions are diagnosed and treated in the department. We maintain a record of medico legal cases and every case reporting to the PG clinic so that each case can be promptly followed up. There is a review register to keep abreast with the progress of oral diseases responding to different treatment modalities. The department also has a well equipped Radiology clinic with provision for both manual and digital extra and intra oral radiographs and CBCT. A well equipped Head & Neck ultrasonographic imaging clinic has been functioning since 2014 onwards near to OMR clinic. We have started e-Health system implemented by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Kerala from October 2022 onwards for the smooth patient care services.

a. The Out Patient Clinic
An average of 200-250 patients is screened in this clinic. This is the primary OPD of the Dental College. From here, the patiens are screened, diagnosed and referred to the concerned departments for further treatment. This clinic is managed by the House surgeons and postgraduates under the guidance of the teaching staff. This also functions as the undergraduate clinic. Patients requiring detailed examination and biopsies are dealt with in the postgraduate clinic.

b. Oral Medicine PG Clinic
Oral mucosal lesions, dental anomalies, cysts and tumors, salivary gland and TMJ pathologies, cervicofacial lymphadenopathies and maxillofacial injuries are referred to the Oral Medicine PG clinic for further detailed examination, investigation and management. We maintain a record of medico legal cases and every case reporting to the PG clinic so that each case can be promptly followed up. There is a review register to keep abreast with the progress of oral mucosal diseases responding to different treatment modalities. Age estimation by radiographic method is also provided by the PG clinic.

c. Radiology Clinic
Radiology clinic with a reception functions on the ground floor. There are two intra oral periapical X-ray machines, an intraoral Digital radiography system, Digital Pan- Ceph machine and one CBCT machine in the dept. These are managed by the radiographers under the supervision of the faculty. The radiology clinic is so designed to hold good the norms of ICRP regulations. An average of 100-150 intraoral radiographs, 60-80 extra oral radiographs and 2-3 CBCT are taken per day.

  • Chemoprevention of Oral Potentially Malignant Disorders
  • Medical management of TMJ pathologies
  • Medical management of salivary gland pathologies
  • Minor surgical procedures of oral mucosal lesions
  • Manual Intra Oral Radiographs
  • Digital Intra Oral Radiographs
  • Digital Panoramic radiographs
  • Other specialized digital extra oral radiographs like Lateral & PA Ceph, Occipitomental view, Submentovertex view, PA & AP skull, Lateral Oblique view, Double TMJ programme etc.
  • CBCT imaging
  • Head &Neck ultrasonography
  1. Dr.Sampath Kumar: 1982- 1984
  2. Dr.Udhayakumar Thampi: 1984 – 1988
  3. Dr. Sreelatha: 1988 – 2001
  4. Dr.Anita Balan: 2002- 2010
  5. Dr.Valsa Thomas: 2010 –2015
  6. Dr.Anitha Balan: 2015 – 2016
  7. Dr.Tinky Bose: 2017 – 2022
  8. Dr. Valsa Thomas: 2022-2022

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