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The Department of Prosthodontics and crown & bridge and Impantology was established in Government Dental College, Thiruvananthapuram in the year 1967 under the able leadership of Dr. Jacob Hyson. MDS course in Prosthodontics started in the year 1969 with two admissions & provides extensive clinical & laboratory training in the undergraduate and post graduate level. The Department consists of 13 faculty members and 12 non – teaching staff. The teaching faculty here have outstanding academic excellence who are well equipped to guide the Post-graduate as well as the PhD Students. Diploma courses for Dental Mechanic and training of Dental Hygienist and DORA (Dental Operating Room Assistant) students in addition to BDS & MDS courses are being offered. The Department could bring up several eminent prosthodontists who have made outstanding contribution to the development of the specialty. The motto of the department is to render the ultimate dental care to the patients while providing education at par with international standards.

The Department of Prosthodontics offers improved treatment modalities for patients with multitude of problems including maxilla-facial and cranio-facial defects due to accident or cancer and prosthodontic rehabilitation problems/needs. It specializes in implant, aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry. Restoration of oral function is done through various prostheses and restorations. As part of the post-graduation programme, various research works are done in in collaboration with well-known institutes like Regional Cancer Centre, Sree Chithira Tirunal, Rajiv Gandhi center of Biotechnology. Many research activities are being carried out under eminent guides. The Department seeks to provide broad-based education, helping students hone their professional skills and acquire the best-in-class capabilities, to draw the best expertise in dentistry so as to equip students with the skills to visualize, synthesize and execute projects in these fields & to undertake research and provide services in educational and socially relevant areas. The Department of Prosthodontics with its unparalleled tradition, unblemished patient care records and unrivalled technological advancements envision to excel in education and research, to be a hub of knowledge creation to improve the life of every citizen of the country.

The faculty & students are also involved in the outreach activities of the department. The Department of Prosthodontics started an initiative named “Denture Project” in the year 2012 to reduce the wait list of patients thus ensuring speedy rehabilitation of poor and needy. In the year 2017 in association with Social Justice Department, Government of Kerala and Indian Dental Association, Thiruvananthapuram branch initiated “Santhwana Project” offering free dental treatment for Geriatric patients. The Department in association with Indian Dental Association, Thiruvananthapuram branch initiated “Denture Project” offering free dental treatment for the inmates of Government Old Age Home in December 2022.

The Department of Prosthodontics and crown & bridge and Impantology in Government Dental College, Thiruvananthapuram has a well-established clinical facility with separate UG & PG sections and pre-clinical blocks. In addition to providing a strong theoretical foundation, the department guides students through different phases of pre-clinical and clinical training. Training is provided for our students in Preclinical labs equipped with phantom heads & typhodonts. The central library and departmental library provide books and international journals for reference& academic requisites which is regularly updated. The department has an exclusive dental implant clinic with implant surgeries done on a routine basis using the latest systems catering the needs of the patients. Interdisciplinary communication for patient therapy occurs on a regular basis with other specialties throughout the College. The clinics and laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for developing an in-depth knowledge and clinical experience in fixed prosthodontics, removable partial denture prosthodontics, complete denture prosthodontics, implant prosthodontics, digital dentistry, maxillofacial prosthetics, TMJ problems and occlusion ensuring enhanced quality patient care and research.

 Undergraduate clinic:
The department has an undergraduate clinic in the old dental college block Furnished with 17 dental chairs, the undergraduates can perform their cases under the supervision of the faculty in the department. The treatment modalities include Removable partial dentures, Removable Complete dentures, and fixed partial denture treatment for the patients.

 Postgraduate clinic:
The Postgraduate clinic comprises of 14 dental chairs & encompasses treatment modalities like complete or partial removable and fixed prosthesis, full mouth rehabilitations, surgical implant placement and restorations, intra-oral and extra-oral maxillofacial prosthesis, stents, and splints for treatment of patients with temporomandibular joint disorders under the guidance of faculty members. The postgraduate clinic has a wet and dry lab facility attached enabling the students to perform laboratory procedures for the patients.

 Plaster lab:
Plaster lab for the undergraduate students has trimmers operated in wet condition and a provision to manipulate dental materials for the fabrication of casts, models and dentures.

 Sterilization room:
An integrated & complete sterilization protocol is followed to ensure successful sterilization. A well ventilated room with separation of clean & dirty areas and autoclaves guarantee the highest levels of protection and safety. We adhere to stringent infection control procedures for all dental instruments and handpieces employed for patient care.

 Preclinical Prosthodontics lab:
Preclinical Prosthodontics laboratory is used to train the undergraduate, post graduate & Dental Mechanic students on manipulation of various dental materials & to have a hands-on laboratory experience. Furnished with a seating capacity of 90, having individual gas connection, compressor lines and electrical connection, the students work under the supervision of faculty. The lab has model trimmer and lathe facilities.

 Implant Clinic:
We aim to help the students learn the fundamentals of implant dentistry, understand the treatment procedures and protocols, and apply the competences gained through interactive peer and case based learning.Implants are being done routinely by the faculty and post graduates. Aseptic technique is an integral part of the implant surgery offering the gold standard of care in implantology.

 Dental Mechanic room:
The Dental Laboratory provides facilities for dental technicians to fabricate and adjust dentures or other dental prosthesis, for polishing dentures and construction of varying array of prosthetic appliances.

 Phantom head Lab:
The Phantom Head facilities house 10 workstations with Phantom Head modules.

 Seminar room:
The seminar room is equipped with modern audiovisual aids

Department is equipped with latest equipment’s like Induction casting machine, furnaces, Sand blasters, milling machine, surveyors, PINDEX, model trimmers, lathes and modern technologies for efficient treatment with patient comfort in shortest period of time.

  Casting lab

 Ceramic lab

 Faculty Rooms

Crowns, Fixed partial dentures, Cast partial dentures, post and core, removable complete dentures, Implant prosthesis, Maxillofacial-prosthesis, Precision attachments, Splints and stents.

  1. Dr. Jacob Hyson: 1967- 1981
  2. Dr. Jose T Mampilly: 1982- 1983
  3. Dr. N. George Paulose: 1983- 1993
  4. Dr. K. N. Velayudhan Nair: 1993- 1994
  5. Dr. K. Chandrasekharan Nair: 1994- 1997
  6. Dr. V. K. Zahida: 1998- 2000
  7. Dr. M. Gopinath: 2000- 2001
  8. Dr. T. Sreelal: 2001- 2011
  9. Dr. Harsha Kumar K: 2011- 2017
  10. Dr. R. Ravi Chandran: 2017- 2018
  11. Dr. Harsha Kumar K: 2018- Continuing

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